Basement Session

by Tim Beavers II (solo)

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Recorded in the grimy basement at PBR House by Brian Bensom
All song written and perfromed live by Tim Beavers II


released March 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Tim Beavers II (solo) Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
The ladies, they all gather for the hanging of the rules.
The children sit through thirty-hour weeks at the schools.
I can't speak for everyone but I'll tell you what I've seen.
I've seen a million self-fulfillin prophecies.

I've seen my friends growing up, dreaming of a gun,
Going to do what they're told to until the deed is done.
Now I see em shipping off across an open sea
Like a million self-fulfillin prophecies.

The single working mother with a baby to protect
Prays that she'll find cover til she cashes her next check
And she weeps as she wonders if her babe will reach 18
Or become another self-fulfillin prophecy.

Now I'm trying to change things with my paper and my pen.
All those things I used to know; I'm learning them again,
And if this whole world is falling off, then what's that mean for me?
An unfulfilled self-fulfilling prophecy.
Track Name: Maria Doesn't Care
Your name is Maria,
I think you moved to New York
But I ain't sure, you don't answer anymore.
I wish you'd forgiven me, I wish things ended better
But you're gone with your lips and your Chicago Bulls sweater.
I washed my face, I combed my hair,
I had a big lunch, Maria doesn't care.

I went shopping, I hate shopping!
I was trying to impress you.
I got a top hat, a new tattoo
And a second-hand pair of boots
But you don't care, you don't care, you don't care, you don't care
How I am, what I do, what I say, what I wear.
Maria doesn't care.
Maria doesn't care.
So write a new song and grow out your hair, Maria doesn't care.
Talk real loud and try not to stare,
Maria doesn't care.
Track Name: Don't Feel Like Talking Today
I wake up alone
Pick up my phone
But never quite what to say.
I'm broke as a cokehead
And strung out on painmeds
I don't really feel much like talking today.

My therapist called
I hid in the hall
I never do know what to say.
Tell the doctor I'm bent again
Thinking about ending it
Don't really feel much like talking today.